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6 Steps to the Perfect Wedding Cake

Choosing a cake for the Big Day has to be one of the most fun (and certainly most delicious) aspects of wedding planning. But just like all the other wedding elements, you need to know where to start. We spoke to some local Canberra cake makers and stalked Canberra wedding cake shops to find the answers. With help from the pros we’ve compiled 6 steps that will help you create the best wedding cake for you.

1. Find Inspo

Your cake search journey should begin by gathering inspirational photos from places like Pinterest and Instagram. Pinning your favourite photos on a Pinterest moodboard is one way you can discover styles, themes and colours.  You can also search hashtags like #canberracakes for a trove of ideas.

Canberra cake maker Georgina Lennard from The Sweet Bakers says during the inspo phase consider the following:

  • How many guests are you having?
  • What other food will you have at your reception – you may want to consider a lighter cake if there are a lot of other sweets in your catering
  • What is the venue like? This may affect whether you decide to have a large multi-tier cake or a smaller cutting cake. Most cakes are fine at room temperature for a few hours, but if you’re choosing a buttercream cake it is best to keep it in a cooler environment to ensure it stays fresh.

2. Consider Pricing and Style

In terms of pricing, a single multi-tiered cake is often the more expensive option. Local Canberra cake experts gave the scoop to have a smaller cutting cake that is used for the official cake cutting and photos as well as a matching slab cake that is only used for serving guests. This approach can also be done with a cutting cake and matching cupcakes.

3. Details & Design

Whether you are going simple and traditional or quirky and extravagant, your cake style and design should match your venue and wedding theme.

The semi-naked look (where the exterior of the cake is only lightly covered in buttercream, exposing the layers beneath) is a current trend. Decorations such as berries or oversized floral arrangements are also trending.


4. Melting Moments...

Rosie Gaul, owner and founder of Rosie Cakes suggests considering if the weather will affect your cake.

  • Where are you having the reception - inside or outside?
  • Will the cake be kept in a temperature-controlled environment the whole time?
  • Will your cake be on display until it is time to be cut?
  • How is the cake being transported to the reception?

Rosie recommends a fondant cake in hot weather, with a layer of chocolate ganache underneath (insider tip: fondant-covered cakes must NEVER be put in a refrigerator/cool room). Semi-naked and naked cakes decorated with buttercream, however, do not hold up in warm conditions and need to be in a temperature-controlled environment.

5. What’s your flavour?

There’s only one way to make sure that the cake tastes as scrumptious as it looks - get tasting! In terms of flavour, Georgina suggests that classics flavours like vanilla, mud, or red velvet are a good pick. “Mud cakes can be great from a cake decorator’s point of view, as they’re versatile, nice and sturdy to work with, stay moist, and the flavour improves over time as well.” Rosie cakes also claimed that mud cakes are currently all the rage as they are rich, delicious and moist.

6. Give yourself time!

The Sweet Baker advises that sourcing quotes, and finding a decorator suitable to your budget is time consuming! If your wedding is at a busy time of year such as at Christmas or during the wedding season (generally autumn and spring), then give yourself 8-10 months prep time. Rosie Cakes suggests if you have very specific requirements, you may need to shop around to find a skilled decorator. She recommends choosing at least three decorators to research and give them a call to discuss your requirements. Just keep in mind that the usual booking time for a wedding cake is around six months in advance! Many Canberra decorators only work part-time in the caking industry.

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