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Choosing a Wedding Venue for Your Special Day

The ring is on your finger, and the countdown to your wedding has begun, but you haven’t found the ideal wedding venue. Wedding preparations are always stressful! However, following these six steps when choosing your perfect wedding location will help to alleviate some of the stress.

Research! Research! Research!

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Whether you're looking for inspiration or trying to find the ultimate location, research will provide you with the information you need to make the right decision! Looking at other people's weddings is a great place to start; discuss with your partner what elements you like and what factors you're not sure about.

What is your overall vision for your wedding?

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Choosing the mood you want for your wedding is crucial! Whether you want an elegant wedding or a tropical style, deciding on a theme is a great place to start. Making a list of locations or ceremony styles with your loved one will help you narrow down your options when it comes to wedding venue hunting.

Guest list

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This is important! When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, your guest list may be the deciding factor. When selecting a location, consider how many people you want to invite to the wedding; some function areas have minimum and maximum capacity. At Pavilion on Northbourne, our packages range from 15 to 150 guests, giving you the most options when choosing a venue.

Inquire about the price

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Your budget plays a significant role in the planning of your special day. After you've completed all of the dreaded wedding budgeting, you can determine how much you'd like to spend on your wedding venue. When assessing the cost of the wedding, consider what is included in the price, such as styling, chairs, or tables.

Begin exploring some of these locations

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Now that you've decided on the type of wedding you want, it's time to start looking for venues! We recommend visiting several locations to see what works best for your special day. As a starting point, enquire about when the area will be available, how many guests the area can accommodate, and the amenities.

When you think you've found the ideal location

Image via Pavilion on Northbourne

If you've made it this far, you are so close to finding your dream location to say “I do”! Here are the last few things to think about before deciding on a venue. Is there enough natural light in the wedding space to ensure that the photos will last forever? Having a dedicated on-site wedding coordinator will alleviate a lot of stress on your wedding day! All three wedding packages at Pavilion on Northbourne include a dedicated wedding planner to assist you throughout the process. As food is so important at weddings, we recommend double-checking with the venue to see if they offer catering or if they have any restrictions on sourcing caterers.

All that remains is to tie the knot! We wish you all the best with your special day at the perfect venue of your choice. If you are on the hunt for a tropical and elegant space with fantastic extras, Pavilion on Northbourne is the ideal location.

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