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What's on trend this wedding season!

As Autumn arrives and the leaves change to their magical hues of red, burgundy, purple and yellow, brides take note, as these are the colours on trend this season! We sat down and chatted with Claire, Wedding and Events Coordinator at Show Pony Events, who specialise in event management styling and design, about what’s on trend for weddings in 2018!


We obviously see trends come and go, what is looking to be on trend for 2018?

I’m finding that long tables rather than large round tables are very much on trend at the moment.  Not only do they look stunning, but they provide a more intimate and inviting setting to welcome your guests. They help ease the flow of conversation and are easily customised to fit different settings.

For the colours, the big trend is the darker colours, think vintage red, dusty pink, navy blue, grey, gold, mauve, burgundy and greens.

Other trends include introducing lots of texture and large statement pieces along the table.  Some simple examples to introduce texture on guest tables may include charger plates (plates that act as a base for your other plates/dishes), touches of greenery on napkins, linen, or florals. This can incorporate small or large floral arrangements in detailed vessels or long table greenery runners with pops of colour.



What are some classic, and timeless touches that will never go out of style?  Are brides after more of the classic and timeless touches, or are they looking for something different?

In Canberra most brides are after a wedding with the creams and golds, something that says classic and elegant, and these colours do just that, they are timeless. Other classics are crystals or detailed pieces such as chandeliers or candelabras.

This overall look and feel may include chandeliers hung above the dance floor, white chair covers and a satin sash, or tiffany chairs to add some extra detail for the guest tables.


Is there a style of wedding that is classic? Or a style of wedding that is on trend?

Vintage is definitely on tread, but most brides and grooms are looking to put their own twist on things. They may add some colour that they feel best represents them, navy blues, greys, blushes, burgundies. Some classic vintage pieces would be lace, perhaps incorporate this in a table runner or tall glass vases with florals cascading in blush and creamy colours.

Rustic Chic is also popular, this would include wood pieces and neutral colours. However, you could also include a tiffany chair, or a brown bentwood. Burlap is also very common with this look. This can be simple and elegant but still rustic.



We have seen a heavy focus on outdoor spaces and destination weddings of late. Do you think indoor spaces are the future?

Brides and grooms will always have their own preferences whether they are after an indoor or outdoor space. However, there are many advantages to having an indoor wedding.

There is no stress with the weather, comfort of your guests will be guaranteed, easy access to facilities and there will be little to no restrictions on styling.  


What are some ways you can bring the outdoors to an indoor space?

Lots of greenery will automatically do this for you, get creative and bring in wood pieces or faux trees or plants. Incorporate some pieces into your centrepiece as well, such as moss or wooden plates for added layers.

Flower walls are also a great way to bring some outdoor vibes, ivy or fern walls are fun and very much on theme, guests can use their own cameras or phones to take selfies and group photos with a neutral backdrop.  Floral arbors are also on trend and provide a beautiful focal point and background for vows and photos.



What colours and florals are in this wedding season?

Darker colours, such as burgundies and deep purples are trending. Soft and lush looking florals are in high demand, and paired with dark greenery or little touches of lighter colours.

I’m finding that Australian natives are also a favourite this season.

Darker colours will make a room feel more intimate, warm and elegant. The cool colours are fresh and clean, but will make a room feel bigger.



As an event organiser, what are your top tips for brides?

Allow plenty of time to organise your wedding, you never realise how much there is to do until you start. It’s best to give yourself at least 10- 12 months to plan.

Always have a plan B! You may not get the date you are after or the perfect colour for your bridal party. Have other options that you are just as happy with so that you won’t be disappointed.

Research everything or do a bit of stalking on social media. Following lots of stylists or venues on social media can allow you to keep up with trends, new options and what they specialise in.

Hire and put your trust into a stylist or a wedding coordinator! They can answer any questions you may have, let you know what works, coordinate with the venue or any other suppliers. They even install and pack down on the day, so that you, your friends and family can enjoy your time together! You can relax and enjoy your day knowing someone else is taking care of the finer details.


You have seen and worked in our space at Pavilion on Northbourne, what do you think of the Tropical Garden Atrium for weddings/receptions/pre-dinner drinks?

The Atrium is a wonderful space for those who love the outdoors but want the comfort of an indoor venue, and the best thing is, most of the styling is already in place! The greenery gives a fresh canvas to work with, and to make the most of it, I suggest introducing fresh colourful florals and pairing them with whites or wooden elements to compliment the greenery.



When looking at the space in the Four Seasons room, the options are endless, what are some ideas for Brides on what they can do with the space?  

The Four Seasons room is very light and modern, so it’s able to be flexible with introducing colours. You can really do so much with this space, including using long tables or the large round banquet tables. Use the ceiling to your advantage, many venues don’t have the option to install lights or canopies in the ceiling. I would suggest using fairy lights or large globes (filament or festoon globes), this way you can eliminate the venue lights and bring the atmosphere to a really romantic level. Candle light can also do this, and a canopy can always be used to make the space feel more intimate.  The options are endless.